Mousa Abu Maria to Be Released on Bail: Contribute to the PSP Legal Fund!

13 June 2012

After a hearing today in military court, where Mousa was represented by the amazing legal team of Gaby Lasky and associates, Mousa was ordered released on a bail of 4000 shekels (approximately $1000 USD). Palestine Solidarity Project provides legal support, both by hiring lawyers and paying bail and fines, for not only members of PSP, but any resident of Beit Ommar and Palestinians engaged in popular resistance that ask for our help. Because of this, PSP currently has approximately $25,000 USD in legal debt. The amazing lawyers we work with are generous in their support and advocacy for Palestinians engaged in popular resistance, but they cannot work for free. In order to continue our work supporting popular resistance in Palestine, it is critical that we can continue to provide legal support for activists. Please consider making a donation to PSP’s legal fund today: