Activists Protest Shaol Mofaz and Land Confiscation at Weekly Beit Ommar Demonstration

30 June 2012

On June 30th, 25 international and Israeli activists joined Beit Ommar residents and members of the Popular Committee in today’s protest against the illegal confiscation of Palestinian farmland. The Popular Committee of Beit Ommar, leading the protest, called for the boycott of Shaul Mofaz following his invitation to visit Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah yesterday. The group of protestors met the Israeli Occupation Forces on a path leading to Palestinian land adjacent to the illegal Israeli settlement of Karmei Tsur.

During the protest, demonstrators carried signs calling for Shaol Mofaz to “get out of Palestine”. Shaol Mofaz, former Chief of the General Staff for the Israeli military, has led IOF soldiers in the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank. His role in the military campaign, along with his involvement in the 2003 siege on Yasser Arafat, has made him responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians. Mofaz visited Ramallah yesterday to meet with Abbas. Mofaz continues to promote and inflict racist policies as part of Israel’s apartheid agenda.

As demonstrators attempted to move towards Palestinian land, soldiers created a barrier using their shields and prevented the non-violent protestors from moving forward. As the demonstration drew to an end, a member of the Popular Committee thanked everyone for coming and left the Israeli military with an important message: No matter how many Palestinians are arrested, the people of Beit Ommar will continue to resist the occupation.