Child Arrested and Man Seriously Injured During Attack on Beit Ommar

1 July 2012

On July 1st 2012, Israeli Occupation Forces arrested a child and his uncle at the entrance to Beit Ommar. The arrests of Mohammad Ali Sabar Abu-Ayash (12 years old) and Mohammad Ibrahim Sabar Abu-Ayash (25 years old) took place at around 7pm during an attack on the village by the Israeli military. The IOF also fired tear gas and were violent towards local residents. Israeli settlers at the scene also attacked Beit Ommar residents, pushing Mu’ayad Bahajat Abu-Sara to the ground. After suffering an injury to the head, an ambulance arrived to take him to Hebron where he is currently being treated in hospital.

Arresting and detaining minors – often without charge – is a tactic commonly practiced by the Israeli military. Aside from the obvious trauma of being arrested, these children also face intimidating and threatening interrogations, aimed at extracting false confessions and implicating Palestinian organisers. They are held in overcrowded prisons, often alongside adult prisoners, where conditions are poor. Detention also often results in the child missing crucial periods of schooling and exams. Child detainees are usually denied any contact with their family while they await trial.