Soldiers Arrest Two at Weekly Beit Ommar Demonstration

9 July 2012

On July 7, 2012, international and Israeli activists joined Palestinian residents and members of the Popular Committee in the weekly Beit Ommar protest. This week, protestors chanted and carried signs calling for the release of Palestinian political prisoners as they made their way across Palestinian farmland. Once again, they were blocked the Israeli Occupation Forces who declared the farm a “closed military zone” and demanded that they leave. As the activists continued their walk, over 30 soldiers shoved them with their shields and pushed them into trees and rocks. Two Israeli activists were arrested during the demonstration, but both were released later that day.

Beit Ommar currently has the highest number of imprisoned residents of all Palestinian communities in the West Bank, many of whom are children. Palestine Solidarity Project has always taken on the cost for the legal defense of as many residents of Beit Ommar as possible, including children. Due to the sharp increase of child arrests in Beit Ommar, PSP has accumulated over $25,000 worth of legal debt in the last year and is in critical need of financial support. The amazing lawyers we work with are generous in their support and advocacy for Palestinians engaged in popular resistance, but they cannot work for free. In order to continue our work supporting popular resistance in Palestine, it is critical that we can continue to provide legal support for activists. Please consider making a donation to PSP’s legal fund today.