Second Popular Resistance Conference

22 July 2012

On July 9 and 10 the Second Popular Resistance Conference was held in two towns, Yatta, center of the South Hebron Hills, and Kufr Qaddoum, in Qalqilya District. The conference was a continuation of the process that was initiated in a simliar conference held the year before in three villages: Beit Ommar, Ni’lin, and Budrus.
This year’s conference focused on the situation of residents in area C, particularly those in the South Hebron Hills such as the community of Susiya which is facing complete demolition, and the new areas of popular resistance, such as Kufr Qaddoum. Additionally, panelists and workshops addressed the current state of the popular resistance, and the role that youth could and should play in it. The conference brought together hundreds of Palestinian women and men of all ages, who had open conversations with organizers, grassroots leaders, and representatives of the Palestinian Authority that are responsible for prisoners and tracking the impact of settlements. The conference ended with a mechanism for further coordination of popular resistance, and the following declarations:
1. The definition of Popular Resistance: the true act of work on the ground to realize specific goals within a specific work plan and a clear vision, through activities that realize goals, and not the activities being the goals themselves.
2. The calling upon the national and Islamic forces to agree upon a unified plan for resistance, and devote national unity for facing all methods of Israeli occupation.
3. We call upon the Palestinian organizations to organize itself and have internal conferences in order to push its members to creating activities rather than taking part in them only.
4. We call upon the government to activate its role and increase its efforts in supporting the popular resistance especially the farmers who play a big part in this aspect. Should it fail, then its presence shall be no longer required. We call upon our leader to react positively with the popular resistance file, and not to prefer to support some programs and not all.
5. We call upon the unions and syndicates to take part in the popular resistance.