Two Beit Ommar Youths Arrested in Night Raid

29 August 2012

At 04:00AM on Tuesday, 28th August 2012, Israeli soldiers raided homes in Beit Ommar and arrested two Palestinian youths. The victims were Mohamed Awad, 13, and Moayad Al Teer, 19. Witnesses report that six military jeeps took part in the raids, in which the boys were taken to an unknown location. Both boys are students, one still in school and the other at university. Awad, despite his extremely young age, has already spent time in prison after an arrest earlier this year. He was jailed for one month and made to pay a fine of 2000 shekels ($500) before his release. Minors are commonly taken by occupation forces, with nighttime raids often damaging Palestinian homes and occupants often subjected to degrading and humiliating treatment at the hands of Israeli soldiers. The prisoners are often held without trial and children have complained of being handcuffed and blindfolded whilst being transported to jail, and subjected to cruel interrogation techniques, such as sleep deprivation and beatings, whilst being held.