Further Raids in Beit Ommar: Four Arrested.

29 August 2012

Further arrests took place in Beit Ommar last night, following on from nighttime raids which saw two youths taken early on Tuesday morning. Four IDF jeeps and two vans, with a large force of occupation soldiers, entered Beit Ommar from the Gush Etzion colony at approximately 04:00AM on Wednesday, 29th August 2012. Four houses were raided, with four arrests being made. Yousif Mohamed Awad, who, despite being only seventeen years old, has previously served three-and-a-half years in an Israeli prison was again arrested, as was Shadi Ahmad Akhalil, who is eighteen years old. The home of Abdul Qader Mohammed Akhalil was also raided, and his two sons Khuwaylid and Mohammed were arrested.
Soldiers conducted further raids on the homes of seventy-five year old Badr Mahmoud Akhalil and Wael Mohammed Abdul Hamid Akhalil, 36. Badr Mahmoud was accompanied to the home of his nephew, Abdul Qadir Akhalil, who the soldiers intended to arrest, but was not present at his home. Wael’s home was searched for his sons, who were also elsewhere. Both men were issued papers demanding that the men present themselves to officers at Gush Etzion camp today, threatening further raids on their homes in the event of non-compliance.
The occupation soldiers maintained a presence in the village for some time before withdrawing with no additional confrontations.

Palestinian arrestees are routinely held without charge and denied contact with their families, and homes are often damaged in raids. For individuals and families property is often raided, it can cause a constant fear of attack or arrest, in everyday affairs and at night.