Occupation Destroys Tents and Wells, and Settlers Burn Vehicles, in Hebron

29 August 2012

(Archive photo)

On Tuesday morning (28/08/12), Israeli occupation forces demolished 5 tents and 3 wells in Znota and two tents in Susiya, south of Hebron. Settlers also burned 3 cars near the town of Seir, situated east of Hebron.

Local sources said that a force of Israeli soldiers, accompanied by a bulldozer, demolished 5 tents and 3 wells in Khirbet Znota and, over the course of the demolition, beat a number of citizens who were protesting against this action.

According to sources, this property is owned by Oudah Abu Sharkh, Adeis Abu Sharkh, Nabil Smamrh and Mohammed Khaled Smamrh. In Susiya, two tents, which were home to Mohammed Moussa and his family, were destroyed by an occupation bulldozer. He, his wife and children no longer have any shelter for the night and must sleep in the open.

Nasr Noadjah, a local resident, pointed out that the occupation had demolished more tents just a month and a half ago, to facilitate the expansion of the boundaries of the illegal settlement “Susia”, which is built on their land.

In a related incident, settlers burned three cars in the valley area near the town of Seir last night. These cars belonged to Zinedine Mohammed Mehdi Al Frouh, who is a resident of Seir. On Monday, residents of Makourei Aliban received orders to evacuate their homes in preparation for demolition. This action comes following the decision of the Israeli authorities to order the demolition of eight Palestinian villages in the area south of Hebron, after which the area will be converted into a closed military zone, meaning residents will be forced to leave their land. A number of people in Khirbet Al Majaz also received notices ordering the removal of solar cells which are a vital source of electricity to the village.