Weekly non-violent demonstration in Beit Ommar

2 September 2012

A weekly non-violent demonstration took place in Beit Ommar on Saturday, September 1st. Palestinian and international activist gathered to march towards the Karmei Tsur colony, south of Beit Ommar. The demonstration was blocked by approximately fifty Israeli solders, heavily armed with riot shields and rifles. The protesters carried flags and banners, and chanted anti-occuppation slogans.

An activist also gave a speech, addressing the issues of IDF incursions into Beit Ommar and Hasan Alsafady, a Palestinian political prisoner. This week IDF raids resulted in the arrest of six youths, between the ages of 13 and 20, and they routinely cause damage to private property. Hasan Alsafady, imprisoned for ten years, has been on huger strike for 99 days, refusing food in protest against the Israeli policy of administrative detention.