Volunteers Visit Kindergarten and Beit Ommar Charity Organisation

3 September 2012

People’s Committee secretary Ahmed Hashim Abu Mari, together with international volunteers, visited the kindergarten of the Beit Ommar Association on Monday, September 3rd, the first day of a new academic year. They were greeted by members of the Association committee, consisting of Mohammad Yousuf, Raed Chouh and Adel Abu Ayash.

Beit Ommar Association is a charitable organization which supports a number of social, medical and educational projects in Beit Ommar, including the development of local children, who often work in classrooms which do not reach the required educational standards. The staff of this school have not received a salary for three months and, because of the poor state of the Palestinian economy, there are few financial resources, governmental or otherwise, to support the school. The strangulation of the economy by the occupation, which also contributes to devastatingly high unemployment, means that many parents are unable to pay school fees. The limited facilities of the Association mean that students remain in the same rooms throughout the day, whilst studying, playing and resting during breaks. There is no outdoor space, such as a garden, in which the children can play. The Association’s building contains a small kitchen which focuses on providing healthy food for the school.