Beit Ommar Greenhouses Destroyed by Settlers

4 September 2012

The Center for Freedom and Justice has been working with local farmers to develop Palestinian land in Area C. As part of our strategy we have started a land rehabilitation program called “The Greenhouse Project”.

The project aims to protect Palestinian land from further confiscation by encouraging local farmers to keep working in close proximity to nearby Israeli settlements, despite the daily harassment by settlers.
It also aims to generate substantial income for local farmers; growing crops in greenhouses allows them to produce more than one vegetable crop each year, helping to offset the economic burden placed on them by the occupation.

Mohammad with his damaged property.

The project began by constructing two greenhouses, with a total area of 1,300 square meters, near to the Israeli colony Karmei Tsur in April 2012.

On Monday, August 27th, 2012 there was an attack by the Israeli colonists at a greenhouse, close to Karmei Tsur, which was constructed less than two months ago, flattening much of the greenhouse.

The owner, Mohammad Yosef Abeid Awad, discovered the attack when he came to work on his land the following day. Several of the supporting poles were bent or uprooted and the canopy had been cut and ripped. For now it is impossible for the owner to cultivate his land as the greenhouse is unusable for the foreseeable future.

Inside the damaged greenhouse.

The owner reported the attack to the Israeli police force, stationed in Gush Ezion settlement, who accompanied him to his land and conducted and inspection of the damage. They issued him with paperwork recording his complaint (available below [Hebrew]), but as yet have not taken further action.

A upon visiting the greenhouse a second time, it appeared that further damage had been inflicted.

The flattened greenhouse from the outside.