Farmers’ Stalls Demolished near Beit Ommar

8 September 2012

Three small Palestinian produce stalls were destroyed by Israeli forces on Thursday, 6th September. A lorry, equipped with a crane and claw, accompanied by several occupation police and military vehicles, was used to destroy the roadside stalls, as well as all of the fruit which was being sold. The stalls were located on Route 60, close to Beit Ommar.

The continual closure of local markets, as well as the harsh restrictions on movement which prevent the timely distribution of produce, mean that many farmers have struggled to sell their entire yield and small stalls are often established beside roads in an attempt to boost income and improve the profitability of their land. Demolitions occur arbitrarily, several times a month, and fear this creates means that the presence of police or soldiers cause many farmers to flee their pitches to prevent their own property being destroyed.
Israel’s cover-all excuse that it is defending its own security seems somewhat flimsy when one considers the threat that boxes of soft fruit may pose to a country with one of the largest per capita military expenditures in the world.

The continual targeting of Palestinian agriculture makes it increasingly difficult for farmers to remain on their land. If they are forced to leave, than the area can be appropriated by colonists for settlement expansion.