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10 Sep 2012
Strikes and Protests in Beit Ommar

A number of strikes and protests took place in Beit Ommar on Monday, 10th September. Starting at 6:00AM, cars were parked in a number of squares in the town, blocking the roads to traffic. A demonstration took place at the entrance to the village, where the road was closed off, blocked with cars and burning tires. Demonstrators congregated to protest the hardship caused by recent price increases and continued non-payment of public sector workers, declaring that they “are not chickens who lay eggs every day”.
In other acts of protest,, the market in Beit Ommar was closed for three hours and students are not attending school today.
A further demonstration is planned this afternoon, targeted at the government representatives in the municipality … Continue reading

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10 Sep 2012
Palestinian Minor Injured by Israeli Soldier in Demonstration

The weekly demonstration against the Israeli occupation in Beit Ommar was held on Saturday, 8th of September. Palestinian, Israeli and international activists joined together and marched in the direction of Karmei Tsur, the colony which is the biggest threat to the local Palestinian village.

The activists passed by the Palestinian greenhouse demolished by Israeli colonists from Karmei Tsur last week. As the participants walked towards the fence, which sparates the colony from Palestinian land that has not been occupied yet, several military jeeps with soldiers approached the area.

Both soldiers and activists were armed as usual; activists with banners, flags, cameras and chants and the soldiers with riot shields, tear gas … Continue reading