Israeli Night Raid in Beit Ommar: Two Arrested

11 September 2012

On Monday, 10th September, Israeli soldiers entered the village of Beit Ommar and raided Palestinian homes at 03.30 at night.

It was reported by local Palestinians that the Israeli occupation forces brought seven military jeeps and three big wagons for prisoner transport. The soldiers arrested two Palestinian youths; Ibrahem Mohammad Hussein Adi (age 19) and Mohammad Ayman Ikhleyal (age 18).

They were both arrested in their homes with their families as witnesses. Neither of them has been arrested before and the soldiers did not give any reason for the arrests or information about where the youths were taken.

Ibrahem is a university student and Mohammad is in school, but it is uncertain when they will be able to continue their education.

During the night raid, which lasted for two hours, the Israeli soldiers conducted searches of the houses, which resulted in some property damage.

The occupation force also entered the home of Ahmed Hussein Adi, who is the brother of Ibrahem. Ahmed was not arrested, but his home was extensively searched and some items destroyed.

Nighttime raids, in which Palestinians are taken to unknown locations, are common occurrences in Beit Ommar, with many residents currently imprisoned.