Palestinians Injured as Funeral Attacked by Soldiers

12 September 2012

Further unrest took place in Beit Ommar yesterday, with occupation forces deploying riot control weaponry and injuring a number of Palestinians.
On the morning of September 11th 2012, local residents attempted to open the gates of Beit Ommar’s cemetery for the funeral of Maram Mohamed Mohsen Zaqiq, a twelve year old child who recently lost her battle against cancer. For a number of years, the Israelis have prevented access to the burial site, using large, heavy rocks to block the entrance and keeping the gate closed, but mourners who gathered in the morning attempted to haul the roadblock aside and reopen the gates. Israeli soldiers were dispatched to obstruct the funeral and tear gas was used to disperse the mourners.
The flagrant disrespect demonstrated by the use of armed soldiers to deny a child’s family the right to conduct a dignified burial for their daughter elicited an understandably angry response from those gathered and clashes broke out between local youths and Israeli soldiers.
Some Palestinian youths responded to the Israeli action with stones, and this escalated into a confrontation in the main street of Beit Ommar, with a number of rocks and bottles being thrown in the direction of the soldiers, and the soldiers responding with rubber coated bullets and stun grenades.
In spite of their legal obligations as an occupying force, stipulated by the fourth Geneva Convention, the Israelis refuse to afford Palestinians the most basic human dignity, even after death.