Fire at a House Threatened With Demolition

21 September 2012

On Wednesday 19th of September at 5 a.m. the home of Mohamad Abdulmajid Arar, his wife Fatima and their six children caught fire. The house is located in the south of Beit Ommar close to the colony of Karmei Tsur. Palestinian fire trucks and police, both from the village and Hebron, came to extinguish. Luckily there were no Israeli occupation forces to stop the firefighters from doing their job considering the home is in area C.

None of the family members were home when the fire broke out but the fire department was alerted by a neighbour. Mohamad was at a hospital in Jordan with his sick daughter and returned to a ruined home Wednesday afternoon.

The fire caused severe damages to the kitchen, bathroom and one of the bedrooms. One could see several properties outside, like TV, children madras, washing machine, which was totally destroyed. In the fire, all electricity components melted and were ruined. The walls were black by the flames; the windows had exploded outwards and by entering the house one was faced with the smell of burned plastic and wood amongst others. The cause of fire is yet not known.

The Arar family started building the house five years ago but due to their economic situation the family has not been able to complete it yet. Recently, the family received a house demolition order from the Israeli occupation forces, as have many of their neighbours.