Child from Beit Ommar Imprisoned for the Second Time this Year

25 September 2012

During the night raid Monday 24th of September the Israeli occupation forces also raided the house of the Ramzy Al Alamy family in Beit Ommar.

Their 15 year old son, Hossein Ramzy Al Alamy, was arrested on March 31st 2012 when he was attending a peaceful demonstration in Beit Ommar. When he was released the judge told Hossein that if he was seen at a demonstration the next four years he would be jailed for seven months.

Monday 24th of September the occupation force wanted to arrest Hossein again. They accused him of participating in peaceful demonstrations next to the colony Karmei Tsur. The occupation forces did not find Hossein at home, and handed his father, Ramzy, an order for Hossein to meet with the military officers in the Gush Ezion colony.

Hossein Ramzy Al Alamy with his family

PSP were informed that Hossein and his father went to Gush Ezion around noon Monday 24th. Ramzy returned without his son who now is imprisoned awaiting a court meeting which is not yet scheduled.