Night Raids in Beit Ommar

25 September 2012

Most of the arrests in Beit Ommar take place at night as Israeli occupation forces storm civil Palestinian homes to search and arrest children and young men.

The soldiers usually enter the village in large numbers with several jeeps and a prisoner truck. Not only do they storm the Palestinian homes in a violent manner, they also use shock grenades, smoke grenades and tear gas, waking up the surrounding neighborhood, leaving no doubt in the minds of the future generations that they grow up under occupation.

The usage of for instance tear gas in urban areas targets each and everyone in the area, in their homes, working as a collective punishment of the entire local community. Young children are especially traumatized during these attacks as they not only are more vulnerable but also lack the ability to understand what they are exposed to, and in case of the tear gas, what the gas does to them.

Pictured from the left: Smoke grenade, unidentified grenade and a couple of sound grenades used in a night raid Monday 24. of September. These where just a few examples of many used last night. The local community reports that they used new weapons they’ve never seen before. One of the grenades exploded into a smelly steam and another grenade where burning, leaving thick black stains where it hit.