Peaceful Weekly Demonstration Against Israeili Colonies in Front of Karmei Tsur.

29 September 2012

A group of Palestinian, Israeli and international activists gathered to demonstrate peacefully in front of the colony Karmei Tsur Saturday, September 29. When they entered the fields in front of the settlement a large group of soldiers from the Israeli occupation forces were blocking the roads and the agricultural fields, claiming that it was a closed military zone. Even though they were more than a hundred meters from the fence and barb wire separating the protesters from the private Palestinian land stolen and annexed by Israel.

On the other side of the fence Israeli colonists gathered to witness the demonstration, further demonstrating to the Palestinians how the occupation treats Palestinians as second class citizens. Obstructed as they are from entering their own fields that was stolen when Israel constructed the colony.

The demonstration was to put focus on the constant annexation of private Palestinian land. The activists also showed their solidarity with Palestinian prisoners, with special attention to arrested children. No more than six days ago three youths from Beit Ommar, aged 15, 16 and 18, where arrested in a night raid, and they are still awaiting their trials in Israeli military court. The activists were also voicing their support to the Norwegian government and their decision to remove the possibility of tax deductions specifically on donations to organizations supporting the construction of colonies throughout the West Bank.

Many of the protesters, both adults and children, were pushed over several times by the occupation soldiers as they tried to move closer to the Karmei Tsur colony.