Weekly Demonstration in Front of Karmei Tsur.

7 October 2012

The activists marched to the illegal fence separating Palestinians from their own land and from the illegal colony Karmei Tsur, condemned by 14 of 15 countries in the UN security council, excluding the US. As the activists walked towards the fence, a large group of soldiers from the Israeli occupation forces tried to chase them. However, despite pushing and pulling the soldiers did not succeed their attempts to provoke the activists. Provocations remained unanswered as the activists carried on in a peaceful manner and sat down refusing to leave until they had presented their message.

The last couple of weeks the house of the committee member Ahmed Abu Hashem has been raided at night twice, resulting in the arrest of his two sons Mohammed (16) and Hamza (14) for their third and second time respectively. Hamza was later released, but Mohammed’s trial has been postponed by the military court three times already. The last Mohammed’s lawyer has heard, is that the verdict in the military court is now scheduled for 23rd of October. A third son Emad (22) is already in prison.

Mohammed is not alone; Hossein Ramzy Al Alamy (15) was arrested for his second time this year September 24th, the same day as Mohammed. As Mohammed he is still awaiting his verdict, which also has been postponed three times, and is now set to be October 23rd. These children will have at least one month of detention in a military prison, unaware of their future, threatened, humiliated and unable to go to school. This cruel behavior by Israel towards children is common practice and has been well documented by organizations like the EU-supported Defense of Children International (DCI).

PSP together with the local community of Beit Ommar calls for an end to this brutal behavior against children and for the release of all children in Israeli prisons.