Activist Injured in Demonstration

14 October 2012

On Saturday, October 13th, 2012 Palestinian, Israeli and international activists marched to protest in front of the colony Karmei Tzur in a weekly demonstration. Also former hunger striker Tha’er Halahla participated in the protest.

This week the main message was directed against the recent increase in colonist’s harassment of Palestinian farmers cultivating their land. In addition the activists protested against the terrorizing of the village of Beit Ommar conducted by the Israeli occupation forces in night raids, often to arrest children.

The Israeli occupation forces lined up and tried to stop the residents of Beit Ommar, accompanied by Israeli and International activist, from marching into their own land. The demonstrators refused to accept this and kept on walking around the soldiers blocking the road. The soldiers chased after the demonstrators to stop them, and caused an injury to the leg of one of the activists.

The activists remained non violent and held a speech where they promised to keep on with the protest until the colony is removed and the farmers of Beit Ommar regain their freedom to cultivate and develop their own land.