Colonist Activity in Beit Ommar Land Supported by Soldiers

15 October 2012

At 10 a.m. Friday, October 12th about 100 colonists, escorted by soldiers from the Israeli occupation forces, walked out of Karmei Tsur. They went in the direction of Jala at the west of Beit Ommar where several Palestinian residents have their olive trees.

Local families were harvesting their olives, but fled when they saw the group of colonists to avoid being victims of settler attacks that are common in this area. Last year a colonist killed a Palestinian boy in Saffa. The colonists were also intimidating to the people of Jala who stayed home instead of going to Beit Ommar, as they usually do on Fridays.

A local committee member, Ahmed Abu Hashem, documented the action and was told by the soldiers to not film or take pictures.

The colonists stopped to pray when they reached Nadjla, an old mosque and an area considered holy to Palestinian Muslims. This is considered illegal according to Plalestinian law. The colonists stayed in the area for a couple of hours before they went to a hilltop in the area and prayed there as well.

After praying the colonists went on to Jala, a beduin area in Beit Ommar. The soldiers stayed with them all the time. After a total of four hour the colonists and soldiers went back to Karmei Tsur.