Palestinian Youth Beaten and Injured by Israeli Soldiers

17 October 2012

On Monday 15th of October at 8 p.m. Ashraf Izzet Sabarna (19) walked, along with his sisters, from the village of Beit Ommar in the direction of their family home close to the Jerusalem-Hebron Road. When they passed the Israeli military tower at the entrance of Beit Ommar several soldiers from the Israeli occupation forces started to verbally harass Ashraf’s sisters.

When Ashraf reacted to this and asked the soldiers why they behaved like they did five soldiers attacked him. They kicked and beat him with weapons. Several residents of Beit Ommar were witnesses to the assault. Ashraf was sent to the hospital with a broken foot.

Soldier violence is not unfamiliar in Beit Ommar. Soldiers often react violently when there is any confrontation with Palestinians. In a weekly demonstration in Beit Ommar 8th of September a soldier from the Israeli occupation forces kicked a fourteen-year-old boy.