Farmer Arrested for Being a Victim of Israeli Stone Throwers.

18 October 2012

On Sunday morning, October 14th, 2012, at 7 a.m. a farmer, Mohammed Abd Alhamid Soleibi, was arrested by the Israeli occupation forces as he was harvesting olives in his fields. His olive trees are located in Area C, in Saffa, close to Bayt Ain an Israeli colony and a part of the Gush Esion block.
Mohammed is one of many Palestinians that have to cultivate their land in fear of colonist attacks because their fields are located close to an Israeli colony. Last year he was harassed by extreme colonists together with the Israeli occupation forces.

Acording to the Israeli occupation forces it is a threat to Israel's security if Mohammed Soleibi is harvesting more than two times a week.

On Sunday Mohammed once again was attacked by a group of violent colonists who were throwing stones. Later soldiers from the Israeli occupation forces arrived but instead of arresting the colonists for throwing stones the soldiers turned to the target of the stones, Mohammed, and told him he could not be there. They arrested him without charges.

Mohammed was released the day after but his agricultural equipment was confiscated. In addition he is banned from visiting his own land more than twice a week.

Palestinian Minor Arrested in Night Raid
Baha’ Mohammed Awad, a 17 year old boy, was arrested in a night raid Sunday at 3 a.m. and taken to Gush Esion. Five military jeeps and a prisoners van came to arrest him while he was sleeping at his family home. He is not informed about the charges put against him before the trial in the military court, and he is therefore unable to prepare a defense for himself. This is his first time in prison.