Beit Ommar Popular Committee and PSP Thanks Journalists for Their Cooperation

19 October 2012

On Saturday October 13th, Beit Ommar Popular Committee and PSP invited journalists to recognize and honor them for the true patriot efforts to cover the non violent popular resistance activities. The event also expressed appreciation for their work to expose the Israeli occupation, ongoing crimes and attacks against Palestinian people, land, tress and human rights in general.

Tha’er Halahlah was also invited and a special notice was paid to his brave struggle, and victory, against administrative detention through 79 days of hunger strike. He was honored for his struggle and steadfastness against the Israeli occupation suppression and repression.

Younes Arar, the coordinator of Beit Ommar Popular Committee, gave a speech to thank them all for their efforts in the resistance against occupation and colonialism. Media from newspapers and TV were all present. They all received a certificate of appreciation, amongst others: Abed Elhashlamon (the European Agency, photographer), Salah Tumaizy Wafa (agency, correspondent), Deya’ Jnaidy (Palestine satellite Channel, Camera man), Hazem Badr (Agence France-Presse, photographer), Sari Le’waiwi (Palestine Satellite Channel, corespondent), Feda’ Naser (Palestine Today Satellite Channel, corespondent), Amer Abdeen (Pal Media, camera man), Tha’er Fakosah (PSC, camera man), Husam Allan Wafa (agency, photographer).

The media has played an important part in the work for Beit Ommar Popular Committee, PSP and the Center for Freedom and Justice[link] since 2006 and they play a key part in the non-violent resistance. Journalist are sometimes wounded and even killed by the Israeli occupation forces while working. Beit Ommar Popular Committee and PSP are grateful that journalists keep on doing their important work nonetheless.

Beit Ommar Popular Committee and PSP is depending on a continuously good cooperation with the media, and are happy to report that there was a good meeting between them and the media to plan future cooperation.

A nice meal was served before they all joined to cover a weekly demonstration against occupation and colonialism in front of the Israeli colony Karmei Tsur.