Urgent Call for Legal Aid

28 October 2012

Even though the economic conditions of Palestinians are becoming worse day by day, Israeli occupation military courts continue to impose heavier fines and bails on the Palestinian prisoners, especially children and youth. These fines and bails constitute a public punishment for the prisoners and their families.

This brutal practice is not in accordance with international law which states that prisoners must get a just judgement even in the occupation courts.

By imposing such heavy fines and bails, the Israeli occupation courts aim at discouraging young Palestinians from taking part in the non violent popular resistance and ultimately to abandon it. These military procedures are also used as a source of income for the Israeli occupation legal system.

PSP take the responsibility of raising funds to cover at least a small part of these fines, bails and the lawyers fees for Beit Ommar prisoners and others throughout the West Bank.

PSP is in constant need of financial contributions to ensure the continuity of the legal aid to protect human rights defenders and the non violent popular resistance.