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4 Oct 2012
Norwegian Government to End Tax Deductibles for Funding Israeli Colonies

The Norwegian Ministry of Finance has declared that donations to organizations that support Israeli colonies on the West Bank are no longer tax-deductible, in contrast to donations to most organizations.

The Norwegian organization “Karmel Instituttet” has given financial support to Israeli colonies like Alonei Shilo, which is not only illegal to International Law but also to Israeli Law, and they work actively to support these colonies. The Norwegian Ministry of Finance has declared that these activities are violating International Law, and have thus removed the organization from the list of organization that can receive tax-deductible donations.

The Ministry of Finance have stated that this is done to ensure the Norway follow-up of resolutions made by the UN Security Council. One such resolution … Continue reading

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3 Oct 2012
Children and Youth from Beit Ommar Arrested in a Night Raid

In the last nine days two sons of Ahmed Abu Hashem, a Popular Committee member in Beit Ommar, have been arrested by Israeli occupation forces. Both arrests happened during night raids.

Mohammed Abu Hashem (16) was arrested last week and he is still awaiting his court meeting in Ofer prison outside Ramallah, which has already been postponed two times. Last night Mohammed’s younger brother, Hamza Ahmed Khalil Abu Hashem (14), was arrested by the occupation forces.

On Wednesday 3th of October at 02.30 a.m. a big number of occupation soldiers approached the house of Ahmed Abu Hashem. The soldiers surrounded the family home by dividing into three groups. They had brought a hammer, so … Continue reading