Weekly Demonstration in Al Ma’sara: Blocking the Main Road

5 November 2012

On Friday 2th of November Palestinian, Israeli and international activists gathered for a non-violent demonstration in the village of Al Ma’sara, Bethlehem district.

The popular committee of Al Ma’sara had decided to show resistance against the Israeli occupation by blocking the main road used by both colonists and Palestinians.

As the demonstrators marched in the direction of the main road heavily armed soldiers from the Israeli occupation forces blocked their path. The demonstrators brought out their message of resistance by chants, slogans and writing banners in the street in front of the soldiers.

Several activists managed to pass by the soldiers and they continued towards the main road. A group of soldiers chased the walking activists in an attempt to stop them. As the activists chanted and tried to talk to the soldiers they were slowly pushed off the road. The soldiers used their shields with great force and several demonstrators fell over. Military jeeps and police vehicles were also used to push the activists off the street.

At the end of the demonstration a member of Al Ma’sara popular committee gave a speech.