2 Critically Injured, 4 Arrested in Last 24 Hours in Beit Ommar

18 November 2012

Residents of Beit Ommar have held ongoing spontaneous protests against Israel’s attack on Gaza, which many are calling a massacre. Yesterday, one man, Khaled Abu Ayyesh, 20, was arrested yesterday by Israeli forces. Another, Moyasir Abu Maria, was shot from less than 3 meters away with a tear gas canister in his torso. He is in serious condition in a hospital in Hebron. Overnight, Israeli forces invaded Beit Ommar, entering homes and arresting young men. Three men, Yousef Abu Maria, 19, son of Popular Committee member Ahmed Abu Maria, Mohammed Awad, and Yousef Alami were arrested from their homes.

When the Israeli military invaded the home of brothers Mohammed Awad and Hamada Awad, they shot Hamada with live ammunition in his hand and torso. He was transfered by the Israeli military to Hadasa hospital inside Israeli-occupied Jerusalem. His current condition is serious. It is also unclear whether Israel intends to arrest him when he is discharged from the hospital.

These attacks on Beit Ommar residents comes as protests erupt across the West Bank, where several injuries and arrests have been reported today from Nablus, Ramallah district, Hebron District, and Jerusalem.

The death toll in Gaza as of right now is 63, with more than 10 children, several women, and numbers growing as more bodies are pulled out of the rubble.