Updates on Gaza, West Bank Arrests, and WHAT YOU CAN DO!

24 November 2012

Greetings from Occupied Palestine.

As many know, Israel was forced to agree to a ceasefire with the resistance in Gaza on Friday. Reports from Palestinian and international human rights organizations say that in the 8 day offensive, 173 Palestinians were killed, at least 67% of which were civilians. Two Palestinians were killed by Israeli soldiers, 1 in Nabi saleh, Ramallah District and 1 in Hebron City, at unarmed demonstrations in the West Bank in support of Gaza. A baby also died as a result of the Israeli invasion of his village in Ramallah District.

Palestine Solidarity Project tried to keep people updated on Gaza news as it came out via twitter. We will be compiling those tweets into a story on our website.

Meanwhile, approximately 200 Palestinians from the rest of Palestine (mostly in the West Bank) were arrested by Israeli forces during the attack on Gaza for participating in solidarity actions. Many were released after a few days of detention, but many more are being held in military prisons.

Beit Ommar Update:

Beit Ommar had nearly daily protests in support of Gaza. After the first demonstration, Israeli forces invaded Beit Ommar that night, arresting 4 and shooting one young man, Hamadi Awad, 4 times with live ammunition while he was in his home. Hamadi is still in a hospital in Jerusalem, where he is also under arrest by Israeli soldiers.

Yousef Abu Hashem, son of popular committee member Ahmed Abu Hashem, was arrested that night, and was released 4 days later. Others are going through the Israeli military “court” system.

NEW source of info!

A group of youth in Palestine have created an amazing new facebook pageYouth Power of Palestine. It is administered by Palestinian youth, mostly from rural West Bank Communities, writing about all of Palestine in multiple languages. Check it out!

Many people have contacted us this week to as what they can do as individuals to support Palestine. PSP is in need of internet volunteers. We need people to help us get accurate reports on what is happening in Palestine via our facebook and twitter pages, along with our website. We are seeking people who have good background knowledge of Palestine who have a few hours a week to work from their homes/schools/offices on the internet. We also need people who can translate from English into second languages.

If you are interested, contact our international coordinator, Bekah Wolf, at jareea@gmail.com

Of course, PSP has long been active in the international BDS campaign, and especially how to connect it to grassroots organizing in Palestine. If you are interested in helping to make those connections happen, contact Bekah.

The PSP team