Israeli Forces Fire Live Ammunition at Funeral in Beit Ommar

22 December 2012

Today Ahmed Aadi, 43, was found dead outside of Beit Ommar. Ahmed was well-known and popular around town. He had been missing for several weeks, and was mentally disabled. His funeral was held this afternoon in Beit Ommar and was attended by over 1,000 residents. Beit Ommar’s cemetery, which is hundreds of years old, is at the entrance to the village, which is now also permanently occupied by an Israeli military watch tower and IDF forces. Israeli soldiers often attack funeral processions, trying to force local residents to enter the cemetery by climbing over the side wall, claiming funeral processions are a danger to the settlers driving past the entrance of Beit Ommar.
Today was no different. There has been in an increase in the use of live ammunition by Israeli forces at the entrance to Beit Ommar since their embarrassing defeat in Gaza last month. Forces in the West Bank seem determined to take out their frustrations on the local civilian populations. When residents carried Ahmed’s body to the cemetery today, Israeli forces began firing tear gas at the crowds before Ahmed’s body was even buried. They then began shooting live ammunition at the youth who were angry at the presence of the soldiers. At least one young man, Omar Awwad, 20, was shot in the leg with live ammunition. Clashes went on with soldiers for several hours after the funeral, with Israeli forces closing the entrance to the village, population 17,000, for over 5 hours, preventing an ambulance from bringing Omar to the hospital in Hebron. He was transported by private taxi and is in good condition.
PSP gives its condolences to the family of Ahmed Aadi. Rest in Peace, Allah Yirhamo.