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29 Aug 2012
Um Elkhair: Hard Conditions Due to the Israeli Occupation

In Um Elkhair, a village in the South Hebron Hills, the people face a daily existential struggle caused by the Israeli occupation.

What strikes you the most when entering this area is the coexistence, separated by few meters, of two totally different worlds. The chain-link fence holds back leafy green trees and bushes, which give way to a rocky, dry and barren landscape. The discrepancy between water supplies for Palestinians and colonists is a nationwide problem but in few places is it as stark as Um Elkhair.

While the colonists have lush, green gardens the locals Palestinians have no other option then to travel over 2 km, daily, to get water for … Continue reading

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29 Aug 2012
Israeli Court Says Rachel Corrie was Not Unlawfully Killed

An Israeli court rejected on Tuesday, the 28th of August, accusations of negligence over the 2003 killing of American activist Rachel Corrie, who was crushed to death by an Israeli army bulldozer in the Gaza Strip.

Corrie’s family filed the lawsuit in the northern Israeli city of Haifa in 2005, accusing Israel of intentionally and unlawfully killing their 23-year-old daughter and failing to conduct a full and credible investigation.

In a lengthy ruling read out to the court, the judge said the state was not responsible for any “damages caused” as they had occurred during what he termed war-time actions. He called Corrie’s death a “regrettable accident”.

“I reject the suit,” the … Continue reading

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29 Aug 2012
Two Beit Ommar Youths Arrested in Night Raid

At 04:00AM on Tuesday, 28th August 2012, Israeli soldiers raided homes in Beit Ommar and arrested two Palestinian youths. The victims were Mohamed Awad, 13, and Moayad Al Teer, 19. Witnesses report that six military jeeps took part in the raids, in which the boys were taken to an unknown location. Both boys are students, one still in school and the other at university. Awad, despite his extremely young age, has already spent time in prison after an arrest earlier this year. He was jailed for one month and made to pay a fine of 2000 shekels ($500) before his release. Minors are commonly taken by … Continue reading

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29 Aug 2012
Children in Israeli Prisons Facing an Uncertain Future

On March 7, 2012, 15-year-old Zain Hisham Abu Maria was brutally arrested during a night raid, around 3.30 a.m. Soldiers grabbed him by his feet and hands while he was still in his bed, took him out, and blindfolded and arrested him. Now, nearly six months later, he is still in prison, accused of throwing stones. Zain has been told by the Judge that he is facing four years in prison. His next court meeting is scheduled to take place next week.

Zain is said to be a clever student. His fellow classmates keep a picture of him on his desk as a memory of their classmate who should be at … Continue reading

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25 Aug 2012
Rachel Corrie Remembered at Demonstration in Beit Ommar

Weekly demonstrations in Beit Ommar resumed on Saturday, August 25, 2012, after a month long break for Ramadan. The main focus of the demonstration was the upcoming verdict of the lawsuit filed by the family of the American activist Rachel Corrie against the state of Israel. Corrie was killed in 2003 when an IDF bulldozer crushed her during a demonstration against house demolitions in Rafah, Gaza.

Palestinians, Israeli and international activists gathered close to the Karmei Tsur colony, built on Palestinian land to the south of Beit Ommar. The protest was blocked by a group of Israeli soldiers, whose numbers increased throughout the demonstration until they outnumbered the activists.
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25 Aug 2012
Further House Demolitions Ordered in Beit Ommar

[caption id="attachment_5980" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Younes holding the demolition order for his Beit Ommar home."][/caption]
Further House demolitions are set to take place after Israeli occupation authorities issued demolition orders for two homes in Beit Ommar, Hebron on Wednesday. The Israeli Civil Administration officials, accompanied by soldiers, issued the orders to Younes Z’Aqeq and Jawed Awad, whose homes are located near to the Karmei Tzur colony. Z’Aqeq and Awad have all the legal documents required to prove ownership of their land. These new demolitions follow the news, in June, that

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24 Aug 2012
Peaceful Weekly Demonstration in Al Ma'asara

A weekly demonstration against the ongoing construction of the Apartheid Wall took place in the village of Al Ma’asara, South Bethlehem City, on Friday.

Approximately forty demonstrators, including a contingent of international volunteers from PSP, carried banners and chanted anti-occupation slogans. They were confronted by a large number of Israeli soldiers, who forced them off the main road and then blocked their progress toward the sections of Palestinian land which construction of the wall endangers.

Confronted by a wall of heavily armed soldiers equipped with riot shields, the demonstrators sat on the ground in front of the soldiers for some time … Continue reading

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23 Aug 2012

Once again the Palestinians celebrated this year’s Eid Al-Fitr with an unwelcome guest.

Ramadan was not only a challenge to the Palestinians this year because of the thirty days of fasting, but because of the economic choke hold placed on them by the Israeli occupation. The holy month in the Muslim calendar has also suffered on a religious level, as many Palestinians were denied entry to mosques to pray.

Eid, the Arabic word meaning ‘festivity’ marks the end of Ramadan and is celebrated with family. Gifts, often money, are traditionally given and new clothes always worn. This month however, the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah has not been about to pay salaries on time to its nearly 180,000 civil servants. … Continue reading

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23 Aug 2012
Profile: Ahmed Abu Hashem

Ahmed Abu Hashem is an institution of political activism in Beit Ommar. For quarter of a century he has been a thorn in the side of the occupation and, in the dying days of the second intifada, was one of the early members of the embryonic organisation which would become the Popular Committee.

Ahmed was born in 1967, only months before the Six Day War and subsequent occupation of his homeland. As he grew up, so too did the settlements being established on Palestinian land; a development which took a destructive toll on Ahmed’s family. His father was shot and wounded by Israeli forces and his mother, tragically, was … Continue reading

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23 Aug 2012
Profiles of Child Arrests in Beit Ommar

In 2011, tens of children from the village of Beit Ommar were arrested and imprisoned by Israeli forces. These children, all under the age of eighteen, were usually snatched from their homes in midnight raids by the IDF in terrifying circumstances, intended to provoke fear in the children and their families. Here we will examine the cases of three such children who were taken in circumstances such as these.

Mohammed Yousef Awad was arrested on April 1st, 2011. Soldiers smashed the doors and windows of his family home and threw tear gas canisters in. Through loud-hailers they ordered the inhabitants out into the night and, when Mohammed emerged, they beat him, bound his hands and blindfolded him, before taking him away … Continue reading