PSP Expresses Our Deepest Condolences to Our Friends in Budrus

16 January 2013

On January 15, Samir Awad, 16 years old, finished his final exams and went on what was a regular walk out of his school and a few yards behind it, where Israeli built its Annexation Barrier in 2004. Youth from Budrus often attack the barrier, a symbol of the continued illegal occupation of their lands. Samir was ambushed by Israeli soldiers on two sides. He was shot four times, twice in the legs, once in the chest and once in the head. It was, as our long-time friend and head of the popular committee of Budrus, Ayed “Abu Ahmed” Morar said, an assassination.
PSP and the popular committee of Beit Ommar has a close relationship with the village of Budrus, including co-organizing a conference in 2011, and coordination in a number of activities. We send our deepest condolences to Samir Awad’s family, and the entire small close-knit community.

For an interview with Samir’s mother, see this new interview by Linah Al Asaafin on Electronic Intifada