Demonstration to Open Shuhada Street

23 February 2013

Today in Hebron city there was a protest at Shuhada Street to be reopened for Palestinians. The street has been seized by Israeli Occupation Forces and is considered a closed military zone for more than eight-teen years, restricting the passage of Palestinian citizen. Despite the fact that the road has been closed to Palestinians for so long today more than 400 Palestinians accompanied by foreign activists gathered to demonstrate their right to pass through the road which leads to Ibrahim’s mosque. Palestinian’s and international activists began the the demonstration on the outskirts of the old city and walked towards Shuhada Street. While walking through the old city the Jewish settlers that live above the Palestinian shops threw dirty water, stones and spit down on the hundreds of protestors. When the crowd arrived at the gates of Shuhada street the soldiers and border police blocked the passage and shot tear gas and sound bombs into a crowd of hundreds which included women, children and youth. The violent actions of the Israeli Occupation Forces against the protestors did not go unrecorded many media from across the West Bank were there with video and cameras recording the treatment of the protestors.