Protest in Hebron for the Administrative Detention of Prisoners

23 February 2013

On February 18th,
Palestinian and international activists gathered from all over the West Bank in Hebron city to protest the administrative detention of young men and even children imprisoned without trial. The protest was in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike and particularly to recognize the hunger strike of Samar Issawi. Samar Issawi has been on hunger strike for more than 200 days, which may be one of the longest in history. Protests like this one, in solidarity with the hunger strikers have been erupting all across Palestine and resulting in violent clashes between protestors and Israeli Occupation Forces. In Hebron 1500, Palestinian activists gathered together in downtown city centre, then marched to the old city, they where met by Israeli soldiers who used tear gas, sound bombs and live ammunition injuring dozens in the clash. Similar protest which PSP has taken part in was the demonstration in Ramallah where hundreds of Palestinians began a protest at the International Committee of the Red Cross which ended up at the Israel’s Ofer prison.
This non-violent form of resistance to the occupation is gaining momentum in the West Bank because of the growing anger over the fate of the prisoners. There has been a complete lack of international attention in the West and Israeli media sources given to this epic hunger Strike of Samar Issawi. Despite the lack of international attention for Samar the growing numbers who take to the streets in solidarity with the prisoners is increasing, reigniting the non-violent resistance against the Israeli occupation of the West Bank.