Weekly Demonstration in Beit Ommar

23 February 2013

Today PSP organized a protest in the village of Beit Ommar. The protest is a weekly demonstration that PSP and the popular committee has been organizing for years. The protestors gathered outside of Karme Tzure settlement to demonstrate that they have the right to walk on their farmland, which was seized by Israel and now considered area C and is protected for the settlers by the Israeli Occupation Forces. Around 30 people gathered in front of the settlement and where confronted by around twenty soldiers almost out numbering the amount of protestors. The soldiers made a barrier blocking the people from entering onto their farmland and ripped Palestinian flags out of the protestors hands. After a close confrontation with the soldiers the protestor left the site and the soldiers fired tear gas at the group of protestors as they
walked away from the settlement. Tear gas canisters rained down on the people and many children and youth had to run from the falling tear gas canisters. Once the protestors left the scenes the soldiers fired live ammunition using rubber coated bullets. The weekly protest continues to prove that the people of Beit Ommar are continuing to resist the occupation.