Palestinian Prisoner Arafat Jaradat

24 February 2013

February 24th 2013

Palestinian Prisoner Arafat Jaradat from the town of Seir, in Hebron in the southern West Bank died Saturday evening in Megiddo prison. The prisoner Jaradat suffered a severe heart attack which led to his death. Jaradat died after 6 days of his arrest. Media sources says the ambulances rushed to the prison and tried to save his life but he had already died of a heart attack before they arrived. The Israeli prison administration said that the deceased prisoner is not among the prisoners on hunger strike. Tensions about prisoners are rising in the West Bank with the worsening conditions of the health of the hunger strikers, some of whom have exceeded 200 days without food. In the West Bank increasing attention is being given to these prisoners during mass demonstrations in the West Bank. Fuad Al Khuffash, a researcher on Israeli prisoners and human rights, states that the living conditions and the health of prisoners in the jails is worsening, not only for those on hunger strike but generally the over all conditions in the prison are grim. The reaction to the Arafats death has already caused a mass strike in Universities and schools across the West Bank. Today in Beit Ommar violent clashes have been taking place between young men and soldiers because of the anger ensued by the death of Arafat. From the centre of town rubber bullets and tear gas were fired into the civilian village for more than 5 hours.