The Death of Arafat Jaradat Draws Thousands to the Street

25 February 2013

Today many Palestinians are sad because they are mourning the loss of Arafat Jaradat. The funeral of the young man who died while in Israeli custody was held in the town of Sier in the Hebron district. Around six thousand people gathered in the small town for the funeral procession of the young man. The family brought his body to the cemetery and many activists where asked to speak about Arafats life, they spoke about the importance of Palestinian unity and resistance to the occupation. Funerals all across the West Bank are often highly politicized and are commonly attacked by Israeli Soldiers with tear gas and rubber coated bullets.

The death of Arafat has ignited protests across the West Bank because Palestinians say, he died from torture, while Israel say that investigations into his death are inconclusive. Jaradat was arrested last week for throwing a rock which is one of the most common reasons in the west bank for palestinian detainees .”[Arafat Jaradat] faced harsh torture, leading to his immediate, direct death. Israel is fully responsible for his killing,” Palestinian minister of prisoner affairs Issa Karake said. The anger on streets due to the recent death of Arafat can be seen in conjunction with the growing number of protest and building anger in the West Bank over the Huger Strikers and all the administrative detainees.