There is a growing unrest

26 February 2013

There is growing unrest in the west bank as tensions rise with the the deteriorating situation with the hunger strikers. In the past three days there has been large protest all across the west bank and the violent actions of the Israeli soldiers seems to be increasing. In Bethlehem a 13-year-old boy was seriously injured during a protests after being shot with live ammunition, and underwent surgery in Beit Jala hospital. Another teenager, Odai Sirkhan, 16, was shot in the head with a rubber-coated steel bullet in Bethlehem and taken to Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem, where he is said to be in a critical condition. Dozens of people were injured Monday by rubber bullets and tear gas across the West Bank as protesters demonstrated against the Israeli’s for the torture and death of Arafat Jadarat.
Here in Beit Ommar there is much unrest between demonstrators and soldiers. In the morning on 25th of Feb PSP volunteers walked from the military controlled gate at the entrance of the town and noticed around ten soldiers perched on the top of several buildings. The soldiers shot tear gas, sound grenades and rubber coated bullets all day until the evening. The clashes where between defenceless youth throwing stones at heavily armoured soldiers using weaponry from strategic high points in the village. The soldiers moved further into the village and fired tear gas into Zahrat Almadan all girls school which is situated in the centre of the town.The violence continued through out the day until 6pm, by the morning the streets where scattered with grenades, tear gas canister and broken glass.