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26 Mar 2013

On March 24th at two o’clock in the morning a large force of approximately 40 soldiers and Israeli occupation intelligence officers stormed the village of Beit Ommar. In the centre of town close to the member of the popular committee Ahmed Abu Hashem’s family home, seven military vehicles surrounded the area.

The army searched a large region in the centre of the village between civilian homes while also occupying alley ways and agricultural land. The soldiers brought with them search dogs to smell for anything incriminating, presumably the soldier were looking for weapons they believe are hidden somewhere in the village. The Hashem family reported that they think the search is directly linked to the continuous accusation and detainment by … Continue reading

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21 Mar 2013
Obama is not Welcome

Yesterday, US President Barak Obama arrived in Israel for the first time during his presidency. All week protest against the US President have been taking place across the West Bank. Palestinian activists are apposing the visit by the US president because of his unhindered support for Israel and the US military aid which funds the military occupation of Palestine. All week people have been demonstrating in mass demonstrations taking place in Bethlehem, Hebron and Ramallah to show the world that the US support of Israel, means the support of a racist occupation against the native population of the land. The most significant demonstration is a tent village that has been built in honour of Obama’s arrival … Continue reading

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20 Mar 2013
Samer Issawi Will Not Leave His Home

Recently the Israeli occupation forces offered a voluntary deportation to the famous hunger striker Samer Issawi. The Israeli’s offered to deport Samer to Gaza, the systematic removal of Palestinians from Palestine is a crime, and therefore he refused the Israeli offer. Samer is from East Jerusalem and told the Israeli’s that he would only agree to be released back to his home in Jerusalem. Samer decision to refuse the offer is a testament to the strength and reliance of the Palestinian hunger strikers. “I would prefer to die in a hospital bed than be deported from Jerusalem.” Samer, a religious man, believes his soul is in Jerusalem and is willing … Continue reading

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17 Mar 2013
Arrests in Beit Ommar

On the 17th of March in the early morning the Israeli Occupation Forces entered the Village of Beit Ommar and raided three Palestinian homes arresting three young men from their family houses.
The young men taken in the early morning included Ali Ahmad Rasheed Sabarnah 18 years old, Ali Saeed Sabarnah 18 years old and Jehad Naser Khlayel 17 years. Following the arrests, clashes between youths of the village and the IOF broke out. In the town of Beit Ommar when a resident is threatened or apprehended by the IOF many of the youth resist the soldiers in solidarity with their community. The soldiers shot a large amount of tear gas, … Continue reading

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17 Mar 2013
Night Raids in Beit Ommar

On March 16th, at 2:30 am around twenty soldiers stormed the house of Ahmad Abu Hashem. Ahmad, the secretary of the Popular Committee in Beit Ommar’s house is regularly a target of raids by the Israel Occupation soldiers. The soldiers were looking for his son Hamza who wasn’t in the house, a fourteen year old child who volunteers with PSP in the non-violent resistance movement. All the family members were evacuated to the roof of the house including two small children ages three and a half and seven years old. The family was held on the roof in the cold for more than three hours, while they searched the house. The soldiers searched two rooms in the house creating a … Continue reading

Hebron District »

16 Mar 2013
Children in Hebron

On Friday March 15 2013, Palestinians and Israeli troops clashed in Hebron. During the clashes six Palestinian minors were arrested in the southern West Bank city of Hebron and al-Tuani village east of Yatta near Hebron. Clashes erupted between young Palestinian men and Israeli troops who detained three minors. On Thursday, Israeli troops detained five minors in Hebron before the Palestinian military liaison department convinced the Israelis to release two of them. Three remained in custody including a 10-year-old boy. The Israelis claimed they were involved in throwing stones at Israeli vehicles.

UNICEF has published a report about the treatment of Palestinian children. The report described the process by which children are appended by the Israeli military force. The child’s … Continue reading

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14 Mar 2013
Another Palestinian Dies from Clashes with Occupation Forces

On Tuesday evening a young man named Mahmoud Adel Fares Titi, twenty five years old was killed in the Al-Fawwar refugee camp, Hebron district in the southern West Bank. Eight others were injured in clashes with the occupation army. The young men were transported to the hospital, Mahmoud was in critical condition and died in the operating room. Mahmoud was shot in the head by a live rubber coated bullet. Following the death of Mahmoud his funeral was held in Al-Fawwar camp, clashes broke out between youth and Israeli forces. The funeral for Mahmoud was attended by around eight thousand people. Soldiers entered the camp during the funeral, attacking the procession … Continue reading

Hebron District »

13 Mar 2013
Women's Demonstration in Hebron

On March 11, Palestinian women gathered in Hebron city to demonstrate women’s rights under occupation in honour of International Women’s Day. Women have been part of all aspects of the struggle for the liberation of Palestine. Around 15,000 Palestinian women have been in the prison since 1967. A UN report stated, female Palestinian prisoners are subjected to interrogation and in some cases torture when they are arrested. Physical violence, insults, threats and humiliation are used in the interrogation process in order to force confessions from the prisoners. The physiological impact on women’s experience in the Israeli prison system, is often quite severe. All prisoners in Israeli occupation prisons can be held indefinitely without charge or trial. Currently there are15 … Continue reading

Beit Ommar, Hebron District »

10 Mar 2013
Third Annual Women's Conference

Yesterday around 150 Palestinian, Israeli and international women gathered for the third annual women’s conference which was held in the village of Beit Ommar in the Hebron district. The conference was organized by the Centre for Freedom and Justice and an Israeli and Palestinian organization entitled, Civil Disobedience. Civil Disobedience is a group of Israeli and Palestinian women working together to resist the brutal restrictions of movement and displacement of Palestinian women living in the West Bank/Occupied Territory. The Centre for Freedom and Justice is a grass roots organization that works with farmers, youth, women and the popular committee … Continue reading

East Jerusalem, Jerusalem District »

8 Mar 2013
Friday Prayers Attacked

Tensions were high in Jerusalem today, Israeli police fired stun grenades at Palestinian worshipper’s in the old city close to AL-Aqsa Mosque. Violence between worshippers and Israeli police broke out when some Palestinian started throwing rocks and molotov cocktails at the soldiers after Friday prayers in Jerusalem’s Old City. Around fifty Israeli military police surrounded Damascus gate the entrance to the Muslim quarter of the old city. Officers entered the the politically charged area which is home to one of Islam’s holiest sites. Palestinian media said at least 15 protesters were injured.

Palestinian media sources say that the violence in Jerusalem … Continue reading