Protest to Open Shuhada Street Continue

1 March 2013

On March 1 2013, Palestinian protestors gathered for the the third time this month in the old city of Hebron. The protest started in an effort to re-open Shuhada street and in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike. The street has been closed to Palestinian for more than 17 years, but the protests continue. Today more than 200 Palestinian accompanied by internationals and Israeli activists participated in the demonstration. A group of 50 Israeli activists joined the protest and were interviewed by Turkish TV explaining that they believe Israeli’s citizen must play a role in the ending of the occupation. The protest very quickly turned violent, once the crowed moved closer to the entrance of Shuhada street you could see soldiers stationed on the top of the settlers homes in the old city of Hebron. When the protestors arrived the soldiers immediately began to shoot tear gas and sound grenades into the crowd. The violent actions of the soldiers stopped the protestors from getting to the entrance of Shuhada street.