Israel Racially Discriminates Against Palestinians

5 March 2013

This week international media from across the world has been reporting about the imposed new Palestinian only bus lines. The Afikim bus began operating on March 4th, Palestinian-only bus lines will stop Palestinians from boarding buses with Jewish passengers. The bus lines are a controversial matter and are raising the question in international media -Is Israel an apartheid state? In the West Bank the segregation between Palestinians and settlers is a part of the infrastructure of the occupation. Here at PSP we see the new Palestinian only buses as a racially discriminative policy within a system of segregation. The Israeli government has many racially discriminative policy’s effecting the Palestinians. The Law of Return, grants every Jew in the world an opportunity to become an Israeli citizen. A child or the grandchild of a Jew, the spouse of a child of a Jew and the spouse of the grandchild of a Jew, all poses the right to return. The Palestinian’s whose land was seized by Israeli and continues to be annexed in the West Bank and East Jerusalem hold no legal rights in Israel to their land. Theses policy’s of racial discrimination are reminiscent of the South African system of apartheid and the oppression and segregation of African Americans in the USA during the 1950′s. The Palestinian only buses is yet another policy that demonstrates how Israel is adopting systems of segregation and apertheid used in the shameful history of our past.