Friend of PSP Deported from Ben Gurion Airport

7 March 2013

On Tuesday March 5th, friend of the Palestine Solidarity Project Adam Shapiro and his wife Huwaida Arraf entered Ben Gurion airport, upon arrival Adam was arrested by Israeli border police. Arraf is pregnant and came to Israel to give birth to her child on her home land. Arraf is a Palestinian women with Israeli citizenship and Shapiro is a Jewish american. Shapiro and Arraf are co-founders of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). Since Arraf is Palestinian, and not a Jewish citizen of Israel, their child will not have the automatic right to visit the country or to claim citizenship. She worries that citizenship to her son will not be granted if he is born outside of Israel. When Shapiro arrived at Ben Gurion airport he discovered that his name was on an entry ban which he was unaware. Shapiro was taken to jail were he remained for two days until a court hearing. The judge order for him to be deported
“In order for us to ensure that in the future, if Israel remains the racist, apartheid state that it is, it won’t deny our son the right to visit his homeland and all his family in Palestine.” Because Arraf is not a Jewish citizen of Israel, she believe her son will have a difficult time getting into Israel to visit Arrafs family. By contrast, children of Israeli-Jews born outside of the country can be issued Israeli identification.