Another Palestinian Dies from Clashes with Occupation Forces

14 March 2013

On Tuesday evening a young man named Mahmoud Adel Fares Titi, twenty five years old was killed in the Al-Fawwar refugee camp, Hebron district in the southern West Bank. Eight others were injured in clashes with the occupation army. The young men were transported to the hospital, Mahmoud was in critical condition and died in the operating room. Mahmoud was shot in the head by a live rubber coated bullet. Following the death of Mahmoud his funeral was held in Al-Fawwar camp, clashes broke out between youth and Israeli forces. The funeral for Mahmoud was attended by around eight thousand people. Soldiers entered the camp during the funeral, attacking the procession with live ammunition and tear gas. Four youth were hit with rubber coated bullets and were rushed to Hebron Governmental Hospital for treatment. Soldiers also arrested two young men Said Nassar, twenty three years old and Ihab Abu Halawa, sixteen years old. The young men were said to have been badly beaten by the Israeli occupation forces prior to their imprisonment.