Children in Hebron

16 March 2013

On Friday March 15 2013, Palestinians and Israeli troops clashed in Hebron. During the clashes six Palestinian minors were arrested in the southern West Bank city of Hebron and al-Tuani village east of Yatta near Hebron. Clashes erupted between young Palestinian men and Israeli troops who detained three minors. On Thursday, Israeli troops detained five minors in Hebron before the Palestinian military liaison department convinced the Israelis to release two of them. Three remained in custody including a 10-year-old boy. The Israelis claimed they were involved in throwing stones at Israeli vehicles.

UNICEF has published a report about the treatment of Palestinian children. The report described the process by which children are appended by the Israeli military force. The child’s home is raided in the middle of the night, there is usually a violent and destructive search of the house, the child is blindfolded and then taken in the night to military prison. Often the children are assaulted by the Israeli occupation soldiers. No lawyers or family members are present when any child is investigated, as is required by the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Children in the Hebron district grow up watching their fathers, brothers even sisters and mother (on occasion) arrested, humiliated and violently attacked by Israeli occupation soldiers. The economic deprivation in the area is severe and these conditions increase and radicalize the children. Throwing stones becomes a means of expression of their desperate situations, conditions inflicted upon them by the Occupation. PSP is dedicated to a non-violent struggle and works with the Youth Power of Palestine to teach the young about non-violence. The imprisonment and unethical treatment of children in Palestine by the Israeli Occupation is a system that perpetuates the violence between soldiers and children.