Night Raids in Beit Ommar

17 March 2013

On March 16th, at 2:30 am around twenty soldiers stormed the house of Ahmad Abu Hashem. Ahmad, the secretary of the Popular Committee in Beit Ommar’s house is regularly a target of raids by the Israel Occupation soldiers. The soldiers were looking for his son Hamza who wasn’t in the house, a fourteen year old child who volunteers with PSP in the non-violent resistance movement. All the family members were evacuated to the roof of the house including two small children ages three and a half and seven years old. The family was held on the roof in the cold for more than three hours, while they searched the house. The soldiers searched two rooms in the house creating a huge mess by emptying the contents of cabinets and dressers onto the floor. They continued to the outside of the house and destroyed the door of a storage shed that contains wood and tractor parts, they explained that they were searching for weapons.

After the three hour long search and destruction of property, the Israeli Occupation Forces moved to the area were Ahmed’s son Yousef Ahmad Abu Hashem works in agricultural production breeding sheep and chickens. They interrogated Yousef accusing him and his father of housing weapons, they claimed their intelligence specified that they have information that the family is in possession of weapons. The Israeli Occupation Forces threatened the family that they will continue to raid the house.
The soldiers destroyed sheep and chicken feed by throwing water on it as punishment to the family. Ahmed and his sons are a constant target even though they are only non-violent activists in Beit Ommar. Ahmed and his son’s attend a weekly protest were they simple carry signs that advocate for the access to Palestinian agricultural land and non-violent actions that include planting trees in farmers land in area C that has been confiscated by the Israeli army.