Samer Issawi Will Not Leave His Home

20 March 2013

Recently the Israeli occupation forces offered a voluntary deportation to the famous hunger striker Samer Issawi. The Israeli’s offered to deport Samer to Gaza, the systematic removal of Palestinians from Palestine is a crime, and therefore he refused the Israeli offer. Samer is from East Jerusalem and told the Israeli’s that he would only agree to be released back to his home in Jerusalem. Samer decision to refuse the offer is a testament to the strength and reliance of the Palestinian hunger strikers. “I would prefer to die in a hospital bed than be deported from Jerusalem.” Samer, a religious man, believes his soul is in Jerusalem and is willing to die for his country. Samer’s wish is that all Palestinians will never succumb to the Israeli occupation forces.The proposed deportation plan is in violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which stipulates the right of people to leave there country and return. Since Samer is a resident of East Jerusalem according to Israeli law, he falls within the jurisdiction of civilian rather than military authority, which is why he was offered a voluntary rather than forced deportation.
Samer’s health is deteriorating greatly, the hunger strike will inevitably be his last protest of his epic struggle against the occupation that humiliates the people of Palestine.“I draw my strength from all the free people in the world who want an end to the Israeli occupation. My weak heartbeat endures thanks to this solidarity and support; my weak voice gains its strength from voices that are louder, and can penetrate the prison walls.” The hunger strike has ignited a spirit in the resistance movement against the occupation and captured the attention of Palestinian’s and support from abroad. Reports indicate that the Palestinians see the deportation offer as a desperate attempt to resolve the growing problems facing the Israeli’s in the west bank due to the imprisonment of the the hunger strikers.