Obama is not Welcome

21 March 2013

Yesterday, US President Barak Obama arrived in Israel for the first time during his presidency. All week protest against the US President have been taking place across the West Bank. Palestinian activists are apposing the visit by the US president because of his unhindered support for Israel and the US military aid which funds the military occupation of Palestine. All week people have been demonstrating in mass demonstrations taking place in Bethlehem, Hebron and Ramallah to show the world that the US support of Israel, means the support of a racist occupation against the native population of the land. The most significant demonstration is a tent village that has been built in honour of Obama’s arrival and is a strong message that this is the Palestinian land. Soldiers came to the village and asked the demonstrates to leave voluntarily, they presented the protestors with a document that stated that the area was a closed military zone and the village would be cleared when Obama leaves. The tent village is a copy of a village built in the same area in January called Bab Alshams and was violently cleared and attacked by hundreds of Israeli soldiers. The area where the village is built is called E1 Plan an Israeli administrative name for the stretch of land northeast of Jerusalem to the west of the settlement of Ma’alele Adumim. The area is plan that aims to prevent any possible expansion of east Jerusalem by creating a physical link between Ma’ale Adumim and Jerusalem