Soldiers Search Beit Ommar in the Night

26 March 2013

On March 24th at two o’clock in the morning a large force of approximately 40 soldiers and Israeli occupation intelligence officers stormed the village of Beit Ommar. In the centre of town close to the member of the popular committee Ahmed Abu Hashem’s family home, seven military vehicles surrounded the area.

The army searched a large region in the centre of the village between civilian homes while also occupying alley ways and agricultural land. The soldiers brought with them search dogs to smell for anything incriminating, presumably the soldier were looking for weapons they believe are hidden somewhere in the village. The Hashem family reported that they think the search is directly linked to the continuous accusation and detainment by the Israeli intelligence of members of the Hashem family. The family is made up of peaceful non violent activist that have been continuously attacked and harassed because they are believed to be harbouring weapons. In the past few months the Hashem family home has been raided twice by the Israeli soldiers, one time the soldier arrested Ahmed’s son.

The soldiers patrolled the streets for several hours and fired tear gas and shock grenades through out the search. When they finished the search of the streets and agricultural land they raided the house of young Musab Muhammad and Yunus Sabarneh. The young men were arrested and then taken to an unknown area.

The following night the Israeli army gave official orders to Yousef Younis Akhalil, a 70 years old man, that he must go to the Israeli intelligence in Gush Etzion. The same night Hazem Ibrahim Khader Saberneh only 13 years old was also given similar official orders to go to Israeli intelligence on the 3rd of April. Hazem, who is only a child has already been detained by the Israeli army once before. The family has gone through much hardship already, Hazem and his brother have both been detained in the prison and in the past their first family home was demolished by the IOF.