Funeral Attack

4 April 2013

On the, 28th of March the Israeli soldiers attacked a funeral procession for Ne’ma Adi. At the entrance of Beit Ommar the procession tried to pass across to the funeral gate near the Israeli check point located at the entrance to the town.

When the mourners were denied access to enter the funeral gate they attempted to go through another entrance, the Israeli soldiers started to shoot tear gas and sound bombs to disperse the crowd, despite the violent attack from the Israeli soldiers a large number of mourners were able to pass through the gate into the Cemetery.

After the funeral, youth began to throw stones at the Israeli soldiers. Dozens were wounded and suffered from breathing problems due to a large amount of tear gas fired in the area. The clashes continued until late into the night. Among the injured was a photographer Mohammad Ayyad, he was hit by a sound bomb on his leg and the soldiers destroyed his camera.